Find the Calm After the Storm

Find the Calm After the Storm

Count on us for roofing inspection services in Snellville, GA and the greater Atlanta area.

Dealing with your insurance company in the aftermath of a severe weather event can feel like getting struck by lightning twice. Atlanta ERS has the expertise and experience to assist with your Roofing related insurance claim. From the damage inspection phase through the completion/reimbursement, we will assist you every step of the way. We boast an extremely high approval rating, and never call in claims that are not legitimate. We'll guide you through the insurance recovery process and work directly with your insurance company to minimize your out of pocket expenses.

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Why is an inspection so important?

Part of filing your claim is getting a roof inspection done. When you hire us to inspect your roof one of our pros will:

  • Utilize satellite imagery to take accurate and thorough measurements.
  • Identify storm related damages and assist with filing your claim.
  • Meet and negotiate with your insurance adjuster to maximize your recoverable proceeds and minimize out of pocket expenses.
  • Replace your roof with high quality materials and install an upgraded leak barrier around the chimney and exposures as an added measure to prevent future leaks from occurring.
  • Guarantee the roof with a 2 year labor warranty and 50 year product warranty.

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